At The Project
At The Residence

· World’s each in their field leading brands and high quality materials are selected and applied precisely and with proper diligence for the meticulously designed 56 special dwellings of Mavera Saraylarý.

· The floor height of our dwellings is 3.30 m.

· The room floors of our dwellings are massive wooden parquet, and hallway and the wet floors are natural marble covered.

· Flower motives applied with fine craftsmanship by laser cutting on the floor marble in the wide and spacious halls at the home entrances and aged mirrors illuminated with LEDs with inlaid lacquered wood borders at the ceiling are applied. The walls of the hall and the walkway are decorated with inlaid lacquered wainscots, textile wallpapers and brass wall lamps. You and your guests will be charmed by the magnificence and quality of the entrance of your home.

· Island kitchen design is applied at Mavera Saraylarý and the wide countertop with the cooker and fume hood is taken to the centre of the kitchen and the ladies are provided a movement freedom with wide and functional usage areas. The kitchen cabinets are designed project specific and meticulously manufactured of mat lacquered wood. You will be amazed by the wood carving craftsmanship formed at special mills at the cover designs. The kitchen cabinets and benches are formed of first quality acrylic material. The kitchen sinks are equipped with a garbage disposer system.

· The kitchens are equipped with special class, high qualitative and functional embedded product group (oven, cooker, fume hood, microwave oven and dishwasher) to be selected among the brands Gaggenau, Miele or Franke. Beside this will LCD TVs will be ready-mounted delivered in the kitchens.

· A bright environment with dual façades in wide living rooms of 50 m² at the Mavera Saraylarý dwellings. Enjoy the pleasure of the natural gas fire place that will wrap you warmly in the living rooms, which will let it feel more spacious by the effect of the special inlaid wooden ceiling. The living rooms of all dwellings face the landscaping area through wide panoramic windows.

· The living rooms have a special marble designed, natural gas fired fire place.

· All our dwellings include a special designed and for palaces indispensible Turkish bath. The Turkish baths include heated marble surfaces and a dome decorated with ambiance illumination.

· All rooms in the dwellings are equipped with a thermostat controlled multi-system air conditioner.

· Wide balconies are offered at the homes. And some dwelling types have the possibility to use a special designed terrace garden with bower of nearly 300 m². You can obtain detailed information on our special dwelling types from our professional consultants.

· All windows are equipped with a remote controlled blind system. Our windows are manufactured with white aluminium joineries, matching the colour of the façade.

· There is a visual intercom system allowing the communication with the security team and the neighbours and a smart tablet control panel, controlling the security system in the homes.

· The Home Security System (HSS), alarming in case of a fire, flood and theft and warning the home owner via mobile phone, also notifies the situation to the complex security team.

· The heating systems of the dwellings at Mavera Saraylarý are equipped with a central share counter, floor heating and thermostat system.

· The dwellings include a dust-free, trouble-free central, high vacuum cleaning system that will provide ladies a great ease.

· Our mother can track the playing grounds and the other areas within the complex on the monitor inside the dwellings.

· The Thermo Speed instant hot water providing re-circular system, which keeps hot water instantly ready for use as of the moment of the activation of the faucets, is available in all our dwellings.

· Nearly 15 m² storage areas in the basements of our buildings equipped with a special aeration system, hot and cold water line, satellite TV connection, internal phone line are allocated to each of our dwellings. You can decorate this area as you desire and use it as an extension area.

· All sockets to be used in the dwellings are selected of grounded, kids protection type products.

· Satellite and National Broadcasting Special Satellite Systems’ infrastructure will be established for the TV installations of the building with head-end and multi-switch systems. Satellite and National Broadcasting Special Satellite Systems will be able to be watched when the user provides a decoder-receiver and subscribes.

· Grounding and lightning protection installations pursuant to the provisions of the IECC (International Energy Conservation Code) are implemented at the project.

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