The word "Mavera" in Turkish means "Much Beyond the Known", and "Saray" means buildings, which represent magnificence, art, craftsmanship, the development of their region and era. Realizing a project like a palace… Bringing these two words together and realizing such a project was one of our greatest dreams.

That in the history, always the locations of the cities were selected he bests artists and craftsmen were employed, they involved the latest technology their era have determined our goals during the preparation stage of this project. Of course, our intention with the Saray project is meant as the adaptation of the thematic style and quality with regards to the concept and comfort to the project we will realize.

Our primary task was to analyze the basic finenesses at the creation of this and similar buildings, to conduct a very meticulous and detailed work with regards to its location at present conditions, its project, its magnificence, living comfort, starting from the used materials to the art to be applied. We have selected Ertuğrul Gazi Road, the most prestigious road of the 5th stage of Başakşehir and the most beautiful plot on this road. We have conducted the study, analysis and design works of this project with Turkey’s best architects’ staff, of which each is a specialist in their fields. We have dent each point and each detail with my team at design meetings I personally attended with a great enthusiasm and joy, by living it and developing special designs. We have paid attention on that there would nothing be missing in terms of equipment and quality and that it should be the best of that realized until today.

As the Makro Construction family, having realized qualitative project with more than 7,000 dwellings until present in the inland and abroad, we are please to present our "Mavera Sarayları" project we prepared in a long time, with intensive and meticulous efforts, literally with the craftsmanship of a tailor, to your, our valuable fellow townsmen.

Ercan UYAN
Chairman of the Administrative Board
Makro Construction

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